The Climate of Switzerland is changing. Reliable and up-to-date knowledge about climate change in Switzerland is required as a basis for decision-making in politics and economy. The new Swiss Climate Scenarios CH2018 describe the Swiss climate and its expected development in a science-based yet user-friendly manner. Based on the newest climate models and user surveys, they are being developed in close cooperation between administration offices and science.

The Swiss Climate Scenarios CH2018 constitute a focus area of the National Center for Climate Services (NCCS), which was founded in November 2015. By the end of 2018, they will replace the currently used climate scenarios from 2011 (CH2011). The new Swiss Climate Scenarios will also serve as a basis for the revision of the Federal Council’s strategy for adaption to climate change in Switzerland.

Kartenausschnitt CH2018 Klimaindikatoren
Map section of a high-resolution climate indicator – one of the CH2018 data products.